Zooppa Update on All Things Zooppa!

Hey Zooppers,Siemen

Here’s a digest of the latest and greatest happening on the Zooppa front.

Zooppa Facebook App Launches!
We now have a Facebook application with our first Facebook contest running! FoodSaver is our first client to use our Facebook app to run a video contest. The contest is called “If They Only Had a FoodSaver”.

Your Mission:
Make a video, up to 30 seconds long, demonstrating one or more alternative food preservation methods that didn’t quite work out. The failed methods can be historically accurate, or they can be fanciful failed food preservation methods of your own devising.

Your videos can showcase failed preservation techniques from today, or famous food preservation fails from the past. If you so choose, you can demonstrate how things might have been different if your subjects had access to a FoodSaver®.

End Date: 11/7/11
$8,000 in awards

Verizon Field Tester Challenge Sharing Contest Ends Tomorrow!
This is a sweepstakes so you still have a chance at winning. All you have to do is share a video with at least 3 people who click through using your link. You must register to enter. There are four prizes of $500 each to be randomly chosen.

One Week Left for MegaPath!
The MegaPath contest is set to end Monday 9/19/11 at 4:00pm. The Top Prize is $14,000! All you have to do is make a video about nerds talking nerd speak and you’re golden!

Amazon Wireless Closes in Two Weeks!
Total Prizes equal $15,000. All you have to do is make a video about why it’s better to use AmazonWireless than go to the store to buy your mobile merchandise.

Siemens Mini Documentary Contest Closes At the End of the Month!
Our biggest contest right now! Top Prize gets $15,000! All you have to do is create a mini-documentary on how your city is becoming or should become sustainable. These are 2-5 minutes long. $40,000 in total awards!

MatchingDonors Contest Ends on October 1st!
This special contest will give it’s winners something really wonderful. For one, it’s the chance to help save lives through film making. Also! The top 3 filmmakers will have the chance to assistant produce or have a credit in a major movie, television show or music video with one of our guest judges.

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