Zooppa Weekly Wrap-up: $15,000 in prizes for the PIZZA HUT® Contest

Hey there Zooppa fans!  Welcome to the end of what is one of the quietest weeks in offices nationwide.  Holidays, vacations and snowstorms are keeping folks tucked away with friends and family.  That includes about half of the Zooppa office, out having glorious adventures.

Those of us left behind have been working hard getting the word out about our awesome contest queue! Plenty of contests to choose from, or, why choose?  Do them all!

The most important bit of info we have is an exciting new update to our Pizza Hut competition. More money, more time, and more information to get your video just right! Check out the details:

1: A $10,000 prize pool has been added to this contest! $5,000 for 1st, $3,000 for 2nd, and $2,000 for 3rd! This is in addition to the $5,000 in Zooppa honorable mentions and the chance to appear before the Big Game. That’s $15,000 in total cash up for grabs!

2: The contest deadline has been extended to Monday January 7th, 9:59pm PST. That gives you an extra week to come up with a submission! Because we know that some of you have already worked hard to make the original deadline, two of our $500 honorable mention prizes have been reserved for submissions that come in prior to the original 12/31 9:59pm PST deadline.

3: Pizza Hut had added some clarifying language to the brief in the “Your Mission” section to give a better idea of what they’re looking for. I’ve copied it here as well for your reference. “Pizza Hut prefers that your videos feature live-action, real people saying the word Hut! or Hut! Hut! Hut! to simulate the start of a football play in a lively, engaging, funny, football manner.

Show us your friends and families having a great time on the field, in the kitchen, bowling or wherever. If you can also demonstrate how Pizza Hut makes your game experience great, that’s a bonus…but not a requirement. Please avoid animations.”

Hope all this give you the inspiration and the extra time needed to get us one of your terrific videos! Have a swell weekend and on into the New Year. Check out our contest page for more contests closing in January!

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