Zooppa Weekly Wrap-up: A Gosh Darn Cute Parrot!

Well Zooppersters, another week has come and gone! And in the Zooppa world, that means a lot has transpired! For one thing, we have received a bazillion* submissions for the Zooppa Mascot Competition.  Like this one:

Pretty cute, right? And this submission is just the tip of the iceberg! Join the fun!

In other news: On Tuesday we said adios to our IHOP: Everything You Love About Breakfast contest deadline and today we say au revoir to our BookRenter #DreamBig entry period. Get ready to find out who will win a year of free breakfast or that money to live their dream.

Awesome update of the week: Zooppa put an extension on our MHL video competition!! So don’t fret that you won’t have enough time to finish those awesome MHL films, the new due date is July 30th!

Here at Zooppa, we like to keep you on your toes. There have been some significant changes to our Allrecipes: Firehouse Cooks video contest: we listened to feedback from the community and it’s now even easier to enter! Pay close attention to the below:

1)       The length requirement has been reduced from 4-6 to 2-6 minutes.

2)      Zooppa will DONATE 1,000 dollars to the fire house featured in the winning video!:)

4)      The upload deadline has been extended to 9/18/12, and a $500 early entry prize has been added on the original 8/7 end date for the best of the films that are in the can already.

So  Zooppsters get your video camera out and find those firehouses! Email support@zooppa.com if you need a help in your search.  Not only is it a fun project but it also is a charitable event! Imagine being able to help your local firehouse or  those firefighters who are fighting wildfires across the US.

Well that’s the weekly wrap up and I’m off to Montana for a rowdy wedding! Have a great weekend, hopefully filled with fun, film and sun!


*rough estimate


Meme E

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