Zooppa Weekly Wrap-Up: Awards! Deadlines! Health Crisis!

Hey there Zooppers!  It seems that if you look at the news these days, illness is running rampant. It’s a dangerous world, and we at Zooppa are not immune with a couple folks down for the count, but with a promising road to recovery ahead.  We hope you all have managed to stay healthy happy and warm, and if you’ve caught a bit of the nastiness that’s going around, we hope that next week brings you healthier times.

On the video contest front, AVerMedia announced their awards this week, and a fine field of winners it was.  How can capturing and streaming your videogame play change your life? Check out the awards to find out, or simply look back at our blog and stream all at the same time!

You want contest deadlines? We’ve got contest deadlines! Submit your Detroit Lions fan footage to the Season of Your Life contest and you could partake in the $17,500 in prize money. Submit by Monday, Jan 14th at 4pm PST.

The Superpages Mobile video contest, where you show how the mobile app is a useful tool in a short video, closes on Weds, January 16th at 4pm PST.  You want a piece of $15,000?  this is a great place to get it!

That’s the long and the short of it Zooppa Trooppz!  Stay happy, stay healthy, get those cameras out and keep rolling!

Meme E

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