Zooppa Weekly Wrap-Up: Fighting Dragons!

Hi Zooppsters,

Film something like this live, and you’ve got a great shot at winning the video contest!

This week marked the launch of the D&D Next Video Contest. This cultural icon was the first fantasy roleplaying game that enabled players to experience vivid worlds of heroism through a storyline. Since it’s inception, D&D has made many an Average Joe into a world class adventurer. Finally you could fight dragons from the comfort of your favorite chair.   Now you can bring the magic to life by making a video featuring a moment from the D&D Next Playtest!

If dragons aren’t the only big thing you dream about, we’ve got another contest for you: BookRenter: Dream Big Contest. This contest asks creatives, be you college students or just looking back or forward to those years, how they would spend the money that they could have saved (or already saved) by renting college textbooks through BookRenter. My big dream would’ve been to use that money to buy a long skateboard and treat my palate to something other than Cup-o-Noodles. Some folks think I should aim higher, but hey, you love what you love.

We also had a couple of spectacular new interns start this week. Zooppsters, meet Sarah and Andrew. Sarah is PR major, a history buff, and her favorite food is Sushi. Andrew is a Political Economy Major at the University of Washington, a UW Husky Sports fan and an avid snowboarder.

Here at the Zooppa USA office we shut down Wednesday the 4th to celebrate Independence Day. I spent the it eating barbeque and taking a well-deserved midday nap. I hope everyone else had an enjoyable 4th as well, and that if your cameras weren’t rolling, at least there were ideas percolating for your next video contest entry!



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