Zooppa Weekly Wrap-Up: Have a MHL-ish Weekend!

If you haven’t submitted already, the deadline for the “MHL: Expand Your Mobile World” contest is this Monday, July 30th at 4pm PST!  There are some incredible submissions so far, so it’s going to be a heck of race!  If you don’t know what MHL is, then by golly you should head over to the video page and peruse the submissions.  Soon after that, you’ll want to hook your phone directly to your HD TV and charge it while displaying all your games and movies on the big screen…oops, spoiler.  Well, you should still watch the videos.  They’re awesome.

In other Zooppa news, Bookrenter voting closed today, and that means the voting prizes and the client awards should be announced soon! Some terrific submissions, a lot of talent on display with some  big dreams that I hope to see come true. That li’l Tiki fellow also wishes all contestants well, and is super pleased with all the videos and photos.

Have a swell weekend, Zooppa fans, it’s the last one in July 2012.  Next week, we should have some awards to announce for some recently closed contests, and a cool new intern to talk about. Got anything special planned for the weekend, other than prepping for your next video contest entry?


Meme E

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