Zooppa Weekly Wrap-Up: Man, that Firehouse Cooked!

Hi there Zooppa fans and filmmakers! Another glorious week of fantastic films and friendly faces. That’s right, I’m talking about the allrecipes: Firehouse Cooks competition. All who submitted did some terrific work, with some of the prettiest shots of kitchens and cooking that I’ve ever seen. The firefighters you found to feature were full of verve and charisma, and were a joy to watch. The goal of the contest was to see them when they’re not out being heroes, and it was great to look behind the curtain at their personalities when they’re not out there saving lives. Turns out that they’re heroes in the kitchen, too! Bravo, filmmakers, and bravo firefighters.

On Monday the 17th, the upload period began for the PEMCO Northwest Profile Contest.  If you’re uniquely Northwest – or know someone who is – send in a profile to the contest page, and if your video is selected, you just might show up in a future PEMCO ad, signed off with the tagline: “WE’RE A LOT LIKE YOU. A LITTLE DIFFERENT.”

Finally, this is the last weekend before the Matching Donors video competition ends. Everybody Can Save a Life, including you, and anyone who watches your compelling PSA that you’ll enter into this video contest.

Have a great weekend, Zooppers. Happy Creating!

Meme E


  1. Why hasn’t a date been set for announcing winner of AllRecipes contest?

  2. Hi Cyndi,

    We are currently waiting to receive revisions from all of our filmmakers. We should receive them by next Thursday, October 4th. After that, allrecipes will finalize their decision and announce the winners.

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