Zooppa Weekly Wrap-Up: New Zooppa Wall-Art

This week at Zooppa HQ we put up some of our favorite images on the wall from terrific submissions we’ve gotten over the years.  We’re pretty proud of the Zooppa community here at Zooppa, and now we get to show it to all who enter the office!

They come to us from these ads:

Too Many Questions by TotalChaos

Samsung Global Fashion Blogger by Pielun

No Boards by sethcarver

L.A. Matador by Michael_Torris

Special kudos to the person who figures out which image we posted upside down!

Have a great weekend, Zooppa Troops!  Get those allrecipes.com submissions ready for Tuesday, and be prepared for the uploads to open for our PEMCO Northwest Profile Contest on Monday!


Meme E

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