Zooppa Weekly Wrap Up: Openings and Closings

Hey hey Zooppers! It’s been another swell week here at Zooppa Town. Let’s dive in and see what happened.

We closed the Totino’s Mom Up video contest this week, which featured some amazing videos. We can’t wait to showcase the winners soon.

Also, today marks the end of the Checkered Flag Hyundai video contest. I know I’m loving the video entries.  And I know I don’t want to buy a car from Crazy Larry, Mental Mike, or Lenny.  Those three guys seem shady. Instead, I’m going to Checkered Flag! Check the videos out here!

Lastly, we launched a new contest for Mrs. Dash! Make three different print ads or three different 30 second videos, each featuring one of their 14 unique spices. Each video or print ad needs to showcase your “flavor” and reference the dish you would make with it. With 14 flavors to choose from, one certainly is a perfect fit. There are $22,500 in prizes up for grabs!  A $9,000 top prize for videos, and $1,000 top prize for prints. Check out the brief here!

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