Zooppa Weekly Wrap-up: Pizza Hut in Full Swing! AVerMedia closes!

Hi there Zooppa Filmmakers, Designers and Fans, it’s time once again for the Zooppa Weekly Wrap-up! First up and most important, there is a contest now live that’ll knock your socks off! Never on Zooppa has such a terrific opportunity presented itself. Pizza Hut wants you to create a 10-15 second video where you feature the phrase “Hut Hut Hut!” If your video is one of the awesomest, it could possibly be featured in an ad playing before the Big Football Game! I can’t say the name of said Big Football Game, but I’m pretty sure you know what I’m talking about. There are also ten Zooppa Honorable Mention prizes worth $500 each that the Zooppa Staff will hand out to their favorites once the contest is over. The contest closes on December 31st! Check out the brief before it’s too late to submit!

Today, our AVerMedia contest closed, and what a crazy finish it was!  We’ve got terrific videos and prints pouring out of our ears, all about how capturing and streaming gameplay can change your life!  We’ll be sorting through them in the next few business days and then prizes, prizes, prizes!  How exciting is that!?!?!

Keep your eye on our contest page for anything that might strike your fancy, we’ve got lots of contests running right now, and there’s bound to be one that’s up your alley.  Have a blast, get creative, we look forward to your submissions!

Meme E

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