Zooppa Weekly Wrap-Up: Prepping for the Holidays

It’s going to be a small band of merry Zooppa staffers around the office next week, as  Gina makes her over the mountains to Leavenworth, Hayden heads to Idaho, Andrew heads to Boston, and Chris goes the furthest of all, all the way to Ireland!

People eating at Bell Clementine (not the Zooppa staff)

Before everybody skipped town, we all had a Zooppa Holiday Dinner at a terrific restaurant called Bell Clementine in the Ballard neighborhood of our fair city of Seattle.  The owner came out, made a speech about what we’d be eating, and then went to work serving up some of the best turkey, the best gnocchi, the best salad, and the best wine we at Zooppa have ever tasted.  If you’re a Seattle native, or just stopping by for a visit, I highly recommend Bell Clementine.

It’s a terrific time to be a football fan and a Zooppa member.  Our Pizza Hut – “Hut. Hut. Hut.” contest ends in a little over a week.  Get out there these next couple holiday weekends and film a 10-15 second film featuring the phrase “Hut, hut, hut!” and you could get on TV in front of the big game!  If you’re a Detroit Lions fan, there’s also a great opportunity to submit your fan footage to the “Season of your Life” video contest.   $17,500 says that it’s a great time to be a Lions fan!

Also, be sure to check out our contests from Mrs Dash, Tourism Ireland, Superpages, and ONE.  And there’s even a place to wish your fellow Zooppers a Happy New Year!

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