Zooppa Weekly Wrap Up: Videos, early entries, and blogging!

Yo yo Zoopsters! Unfortunately, we didn’t have enough time to produce a weekly wrap up video like last week, but we’re making improvements and will have another soon! In the meantime, here’s what happened this week.

The Cheveron AIDS is Going to Lose competition closed with a plethora of entries! The videos are live and ready for viewing and comments! Thank you for the wonderful work!

The Checkered Flag Hyundai competition’s early entry deadline is next Tuesday, November 6th! Make a 30 second ad explaining how Checkered Flag Hyundai convinces shoppers that, when you come looking for a car at an advertised price at CHeckered Flag Hyundai, you’re gonna find it AND Checkered Flag Hyundai will have a huge selection of that car for you to choose from! Here’s the link.

Andrew sez: “Read my blog post.”

Finally, we want y’all to get more out of our Zooppa blog. Want to get your videos noticed? Check out Andrew Shenstone’s blog post on developing and writing better video descriptions. It helps. Trust me.

Alright, peace out y’all! And get cracking on those Checkered Flag videos!

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