Zooppa Weekly Wrap-Up: Whew, What a Big Week!

Well, Zooppers, this was a big one! First, on Wednesday, uploads ended for “Harry Potter™ For Kinect™: A WB Games Original Musical Score Contest.” Talk about good music!  Why, if Harry Potter could only fly if there was good music playing in the background, I think he’d be able to fly forever with all the great content that came in.  Voting for this contest goes until 8/15, so tell the world to come have a listen and give 5 stars to their favorites!

Then Friday, upload ended for “D&D Next Playtest.”  Epic.  Yes, indeed: They were epic.  So epic, in fact, that you should tell all your friends to come watch and get inspired to play the D&D Next Playtest.  And after they watch, they could throw in 5 stars or so with a vote!  Voting is open till Friday, 8/17.

And to top it all off, winners of the “MHL: Expand Your Mobile World” video contest were announced today, so congrats to the talented folks who won prizes and thanks to everyone for all their hard work.  Check out the blog tomorrow for a handy place to watch all the winners on one page.

That’s all for Friday, Zooppers!  Happy weekend, and hope to see you back here next week as we’ve got more exciting things just around the corner!

Meme E

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