Zooppa Weekly Wrapup: 8 Live Video Contests! Wow!

Hey Zooppa fans!

Another week gone by, and what have we learned? We learned that Zooppa is the place to be if you want to enter a video contest. We have 8(!) live video contests right now! That means if you have an idea in your brain for a film you want to make, chance are, there’s a perfectly suited contest on Zooppa that you could submit it to. Here are just a few of the contests you can partake in.

IHOP: Everything You Love About Breakfast has been extended. The new deadline for showing your breakfast love is July 16th! Submit your interpretation of the IHOP anthem to our contest page for a chance to win up to $1000, and make sure to submit to the IHOP facebook page to ensure you are eligible to win free breakfast for a year! I’m getting hungry just thinking about this contest.

Also be sure to check out MHL: Expand Your Mobile World, your chance to show off how well you can present a cool technology in a memorable and creative way. Help MHL show people that it can expand their mobile world. And how you make to help people remember the letters “MHL?” Make a hook that people won’t be able to forget. It closes on July 16th.

Here’s a cool opportunity to get to know a hero or two. Head on down to your local fire station, and make a video for allrecipes: Firehouse Cooks. Feature a firefighter as they make a meal for the rest of their crew. Show people the camaraderie and friendship that band these brave guys and gals together. This is a opportunity to show off your longer storytelling skills. Maybe they’ll let you ride on the truck!

One Last note: a warm welcome to our awesome intern Reeves, joining the Zooppa team this week. His favorite color is blue, he’s a huge grunge music fan, and he’s an amateur drummer. So far, of the Zooppa ads he’s had the privilege to watch, his favorite is “A Wonderful Milk Morning” by lshertzer from the Got Milk contest. Check it out, it’s pretty hilarious.

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