On October 9, Zooppa.com began hosting Best Western Italia, a hotel consortium with 170 properties in over 200 Italian cities, on its site.

The creative community of Zooppa.com, which now boasts over 24,000 users, will be able to focus its creative energy on promoting the Best Western brand until November 19. All that is required in order to participate in the competition is to create and submit videos, graphic design ideas, radio ads, Web ad banners, or ad concepts. The winners, who will be chosen by the client and by the Zooppa community itself via online voting, will be awarded prizes totaling 7,000 zoop$ and prepaid Best Western Travel Cards, which can be used in any of the chain’s 4,200 hotels worldwide.

For Zooppa.com, the Best Western campaign represents another achievement of the company’s goal to host increasingly prestigious brand-name clients of national and international renown on the newest version of the platform, whose functionality and graphic design has been improved. It is also important to note that Zooppa.com is regularly improving the online diffusion of its user-generated ads through new partnerships, such as the one recently established with Yahoo!, and increasing recognition in international showcases, such as Ads of the World.

“Our decision to collaborate with Zooppa is a sort of fulfillment of our philosophy regarding the Web, which has been focusing more and more on the idea of user-generated content,” asserts Sara Digiesi, director of marketing for Best Western Italia. “Our strategy, which has been in place for some time now, involves advertising, online PR, and community and social networking. In this context, Zooppa.com’s model is interesting because it is transversal and capable of experimenting with new talent and modes of communication. We want to listen to the voices of our clients, because this is the only way we can continue to improve our services and develop effective online marketing strategies.”

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