Zooppa.com: Yahoo! Italia’s New Video Channel

Zooppa.com, the first social advertising platform, has recently signed an agreement with Yahoo! Italia which allows it to have a video channel on Yahoo! Video dedicated exclusively to the Zooppa community. In fact, the video channel, which is designed to broadcast all of the best video contest entries posted on Zooppa.com by the site’s users, can already be accessed online at http://it.video.yahoo.com/network/100793787.

Yahoo! Video provides access to some invaluable community-fostering services — similar in nature to the ones that characterize Zooppa itself — and these will help to increase the visibility and diffusion of Zooppa.com’s videos. Users will now be able to send the videos they view to others via e-mail, Yahoo! Messenger, or De.licio.us as well as insert them directly into their own blogs and Web sites. A specially designed area of the new video channel interface will also allow Yahoo! users to comment on Zooppa videos and vote for the ones they like best.

Zooppa.com’s arrival on Yahoo! will stimulate a significant increase in Zooppa’s visibility. This translates into valuable opportunities not only for Zooppa’s community of users, who now have access to an effective showcase with which to broadcast their work, but also for the companies who seek Zooppa’s services, because it gives them an additional leg up in the complicated world of online advertising.

The new partnership with Yahoo! Italia represents an important recognition of Zooppa.com’s importance as a leader in the field of user-generated advertising in Italy. To date, the site has registered almost 24,000 users, has hosted more than 10,000 user-generated ads, and has launched 31 advertising contests, for which the prize money awarded comes to a total of over 330,000 dollars.

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