Zooppa’s “Brighteyed” and bushy-tailed* Member of the Week!

Allow us to introduce you to filmmaker extraordinaire Brighteyed11, creator of the brilliant  “Mrs. Dash’s Men” video for the Mrs. Dash: Live it. Love it. Eat it. contest! The video, which was awarded a $3,000 prize, is Brighteyed11’s third ingenious Zooppa submission to date.

This accomplishment seems well worthy of an interview, so here is a behind-the-scenes look at Zooppa’s latest member of the week:

Tell us about yourself.

I am 21 years old and currently on track to graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Communications/Film. I have started my own video production company, along with my two brothers, called Eagle Brothers Productions. I am obsessed with film and hope to have a career in the industry some day soon.

Describe your film-making background. What got you started?
I come from a very broken family and as we moved so many times and had to start at so many new schools, it was difficult for me to build relationships and friendships. So, to compensate, my brothers and I turned to movies to entertain ourselves. I suppose that was how my love for film initiated, but as I have gotten older and experienced more and seen gradually better movies, that love for film has evolved exponentially. I started out making cheaply-made shorts with my brothers on our family’s home video camera, and then discovered online video contests. We won our very first video contest in 2007 with the basic Windows Movie Maker video editing software and have only progressed from there on out. Nearly all of our winnings go towards rising our production value (such as: new cameras, audio equipment, editing software, ect.) and hope to eventually break through and land higher-production value opportunities.

Share with us your creative process. What have you found inspiring?

Basically, when I am faced with coming up with an idea for a new video, I try to focus on the main point I am trying to get across to the audience. That then determines my audience and I am able to break that audience down and decide what sells to that specific audience.
What are you hoping to achieve in the future?
My main objective is to make my own feature films. I have always believed that I have the mind of a director and would love nothing more in this life than to take advantage of that talent.
Take a look at more of Brighteyed11’s work here!
*We have no evidence at this point to support the claim that Brighteyed11 actually has a tail of any sort.

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