Zooppa’s latest and greatest members of the week: the landonson team!

Landon Donoho

With the recent success of the innovative video titled “Extra Spicy Fire”, which was awarded a $2000 prize from the Mrs. Dash: Live it. Love it. Eat it. contest, filmmakers Landon Donoho and Christopher Wong have earned themselves spots as Zooppa’s members of the week! You may also recognize the team from their acclaimed submission “Rainy Anniversary” for a SuperPages contest earlier this year. Join us in taking a closer look at these creative minds with the exclusive interview with Landon below!

Tell us about yourself.
I’m a freelance filmmaker working in film, music video, and ads.  I love storytelling in it’s different forms and the plethora of media out there, and it’s exciting getting to be a part of that picture. I worked on these ads with my friend

Christopher Wong

Christopher Wong who co-produced them with me.

Describe your film-making background. What got you started?
I played around with video a good bit in high school, then went to SCAD three years ago where I got my degree in film.  Since then (and during that time) I’ve been working full time in the freelance world, immersing myself with all there is to learn and pushing towards making everything I work on better and more refined than the project before. Chris is a very talented freelance photographer moving towards advertising and branding work and works in lots of areas of media.
Share with us your creative process. What have you found inspiring?
The creative process usually involves sitting down by myself or with a couple friends and/or coffee and just tossing ideas back and forth.  Usually the first few are pretty bad, but we explore them and see if there are any glimmers in there to build on.  Then I watch what other people have made in the same realm (ads, music videos, things from film) and see if that gives any sparks.  After a while of that, you tend to hit on something worth making, and during the pre-production process you realize all the things you want to add to it so that it becomes that much better. Having other people involved helps a lot.  They do a good job at pulling you out of your head and your natural train of thought so that when you dive back in, you end up in different places. In this case, Chris and I sat down for a couple hours and brainstormed until we had some ideas we both liked.  Then we went off and made them over three days.

What are you hoping to achieve in the future? The goal is to eventually make narrative films that tell awesome stories.  Mixed in with that, I’ll probably always love advertisements and music videos because they’re fast, fun, and a way to do the exact same thing in a much smaller span of time.  They’re refreshing to work on and let you explore lots of realms aesthetically and conceptually you probably wouldn’t get to otherwise.  It would be great to keep growing in to bigger projects with bigger ideas. Chris has similar goals, focusing more on advertising, branding, and documentary work for larger scale projects/clients.

Check out more of their portfolio!

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